Google Duplex : Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot

Google Duplex

Google Duplex : Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot

What is Google Assistant ?

Google have introduced a technology for mobile app and home devices in primary stage, it has become famous because of its smart two way virtual assistance methodology, you can ask any question or tell it to do anything, Google assistant will respond to it, and its quite intelligent and meaningful assistance.

What is Google Duplex ?

Google Duplex is a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot which makes a call on your behalf, During Google’s annual conference they have previewed the next generation of google assistant, soon they will official launch the dates, Lets have a look at what this new technology will addon in mobile application development and home automation technologies.

Duplex is a completely automated system that places calls on your behalf, similar to human voice instead of a robot like accent. Duplex will be able to understand “complex sentences, fast speech and long remarks” according to Google.

How Google Duplex works ?

Its not officially announced by google with complete list of features, but the process will be something like ” Telling Google Duplex about booking a restaurant table for 8 person tomorrow” Google Assistant with Google Duplex will call restaurant and book a table for the time slot available after confirmation with restaurant, it will add calendar reminder on your phone.

Being as a smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot It won’t call your Girlfriend or boyfriend and have a conversation on your behalf !


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