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Our customer’s success may depend on how effectively we can put our technology to work. So, we strive to enable our customers to achieve their business goals by providing the highest level of Technical Support services in India. We provide domain registration services in india, with that we offer combine web hosting packages with our server located in Ahmedabad, India. The need to provide affordable product and service support has increased tremendously with the increase of technology dependent products. Technical support is hence emerging as a powerful tool for the customers.
The right to use a domain name is delegated by domain name registrars which are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization charged with overseeing the name and number systems of the Internet.
Unique Domain Registration search in available with fast response time and quick domain redirection and propagation.
Now a day, Domains are freely available on web, where you can purchase free domain names for first year with hidden terms and conditions. Beware of such frauds and get your domain registered from us today.
We provide Web hosting for your website or rich web application in your budget, we have customized packages available for your business needs. We have apache and windows hosting available in our resources available in Ahmedabad, India. In addition to ICANN, each top-level domain (TLD) is maintained and serviced technically by an administrative organization, operating a registry.
A registry is responsible for maintaining the database of names registered within the TLD it administers. The registry receives registration information from each domain name registrar authorized to assign names in the corresponding TLD and publishes the information using a special service, the whois protocol.