Observe the technological impacts today and you shall notice we are experiencing rapid growth, incomparable stock rates and a flourishing ‘Technology Economy’ in times high recession. Notice when I mention ‘Technology Economy’, companies like Facebook, Ebay, Google, Linkedin and many more are magnets driving wealth & development within their system. We are swiftly growing towards a titanic moment, a shift stronger than the World Wide Web; we are rushing towards ‘The Second Great Evolution Cycle’

Let’s remind ourselves of the Dot-Com Era:

Dot-Com: A fresh notion, an innovative expansion and it was termed as ‘Information Technology’ or ‘Exclusive Web Experience’ gaining many more phrases on its way to growth. All companies around the world wanted to hop onto the bandwagon of dot-com, with their hopes high and expecting dreams to turn into moneymaking realities.
Investors were throwing in large funds without double-checking if the companies were actually capable of generating revenues as expected.
This was one of the major reasons that led to its crash in 2001. Based on the research conducted by ‘Investopedia’, the number of IPO’s declined from 457 to 76 during the crash. Though, what was found deeply intriguing was, while major establishments like, and many more filed for bankruptcy, their idea’s lived on staunchly even during the ‘Second Boom’.

Talking about the ‘Second Boom’- The next enormous shift:

The post decade has been a cocoon, expanding itself around the globe with the greatest technology developments ever seen by mankind. Chief corporations have emerged in all aspects through this boom from, Facebook to Google to E-bay to Apple to Amazon. We have been introduced with social media, brining an individuals entire world together in a laptop or a mobile phone, we have been facilitated with online shopping where consumers are a click away from buying the products of their choice, we have the easy accessibility of all information on our mobile phones and the everyday development of various applications like Instagram and Pinterest help us share photos, our hobbies, our special moments, places we like to visit, shopping spree’s etc.: in a much subtle and easier manner.

The shift as we realise has been towards a smarter consumer, increasing their knowledge and purchasing power. It has shaped the consumers mind into expecting how a business should implement the technology to work: for example: A business ‘should’ have a Facebook page so they can gain more information about the organisation, this would be implementing technology for businesses.
This new consumerized manner of thoughts and behaviour has helped many ‘IT’ companies to emerge, providing individual business solutions to corporations like security and cloud computing to make operations more efficient within the company environment.

Infilon Technologies is one such company, delivering professional high-end results and pioneering solutions. We understand your requisite for business explanation, we do our market research, and we come up with the most efficient technology solution.

Lets learn, generate knowledge, create a better business world and make the most out of the ‘Second Biggest Shift’ in global economy!

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