Maintain A Balance between Creativity and Business Objectives while design Website.

Maintain A Balance between Creativity and Business Objectives while design Website.

Creativity is not a limited thing. Agreed; but when it comes to designing a website or web application for an online business, there are certain basic rules to be followed. Well, if it matches the theme of the website – go ahead! But it creates a lot of work if you try to mix and match just all designing skills in one part of page! Website design is all about matching the business objectives to the design portal.

Before we get into what are the does and doesn’t.: Make your website design look as though you mean as per your business! Let’s take a short look at a few best practices in website design:

  • Keep the design simple and sober. The very basic design rule. what they can do for you. Leave very little for the users to figure out.
  • If your website design represents a professional business or organization, avoid too many flash animations or graphics. Maintain a classic and light color scheme. Not too dull – not too bright. However, if it is for a gaming website or something that spells “fun” – let your imagination go to high animation, flash, graphics!
  • Background and text contrast – do not let your text get lost amidst the textured background. Customers need to read the text! (Background is an add-on)!
  • Describe via graphics, maps, – yes – go ahead!
  • Heading and main text separators – use bold, Italics – avoid blinking text – it’s annoying for someone who is looking for important information!

Of course using imagination, you can do the best web designs. So, all these does and does not are not meant to discourage you from using your extra creativity in website design. It’s just so that you know where creativity ends and professionalism begins. It just right is the key to a good website design.

With all this said, always remember that the ultimate aim of an online business is to make a business growth. And a good website design can contribute in many – many ways towards this goal or aim.

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